Mar 23 • 1HR 1M

Charles Boehm: USMNT, Grenada, Concacaf

A conversation with Charles Boehm, freelance writer for and Charles also spent years living in Grenada with the Peace Corps- where USMNT are now.

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Megan Swanick
Interviews, analysis & stories from the road with US National Soccer Team journalist and life-long nomad, Meg Swanick
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A wind-ranging, somewhat philosophical conversation with one the most knowledgeable and enjoyable writers in the US soccer-world press box. Charles is a freelance writer contributing to and, and a Peace Corps volunteer living in Grenada.

Drawing on that knowledge- so perfectly aligned to the looming Nations League match that USMNT will play in Grenada- we discuss:

  • C. Boehm’s career and entry into soccer writing in the USA

  • The state of soccer writing in the USA

  • An attempt to define this USMNT generation

  • “They were not just spouting off motivational nonsense when they talked about winning the tournament” (brief reflections on the World Cup)

  • The Nations League, the roster, the Anthony Hudson

  • Life in Grenada, the Peace Corps, the wonders of Concacaf

  • MLS!

…. episode begins with a pretty dramatic throat clear that I ultimately left in for character. You’ll have to let me know if you disagree